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Star Nova S2 Satallite Internet System

Star Nova S2 - W3A / Sesat2 / W6 / Eurobird Prices

Hardware Costs*
Complete system + 1.2m dish $1,812.50

Complete system + 1.8m Dish $2,812.50

*Prices include dish, Azel mount, arms, head unit, Star Pro modem.

Prices do not include FOB UK, shipping, installation, local support, permits, taxes, and duties.

DVB-S2 is the latest advanced satellite transmission technique from DVB, improving on and expanding the range of applications possible with DVB’s tried and trusted DVB-S. “DVB-S2 is so powerful that in the course of our lifetime, we will never need to design another system” Barry Tew (DVB) DVB- S2 is the second-generation specification for satellite broadcasting – developed by the DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) Project in 2003. It benefits from more recent developments in channel coding (LDPC codes) combined with a variety of modulation formats (QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK and 32APSK).

DBV S2 provides

30% greater efficiency than DVB-S an increased range of applications by combining the functionality of DVB-S (for direct-to-home applications)
techniques such as adaptive coding to maximise the usage of value satellite transponder resources. Read all about the DVB S2

What this means to Anka Enerji and customers.
Many satellite broadband providers see the projected 30% saving in satellite capacity as potentially 30% more profits. We at Anka Enerji plan to invest back into the network the extra capacity gained through the implementation of DVB S2.


36 MHz Saturated Carrier DVB S DVB S2
Coding RS Viterbi LDPC
FEC 7/8 3/4
Carrier Spacing 1.28 1.25
Comparative throughput 45.4 Mbps 58.5.Mbps
Extra bandwidth available as same cost to operator NA ~29 %

This means that for every 20Mbps that Anka Enerji purchase off the satellite operator we can place 25.8 Mbps on the network at the same costs as the original DVB S platform.

This means

  • Extra capacity on the network
  • Faster downloads & browsing
  • Lower contention rates on the forward channel
  • Much higher daily download quotas with more frequent resets

Star Nova S2 Modem

The Anka Enerji Star Nova S2 system is a two-way, bandwidth-on-demand broadband VSAT system designed around the DVB-RCS standard for service providers, ISP’s and corporate networks. Star Nova S2 brings more efficiency and higher data rates to the market than other TDMA systems. The Star Nova S2 broadband VSAT system combines broadband access and a high-speed return channel to satisfy bandwidth- intensive applications using IP data over any fixed satellite.

Since their introduction, Star Nova VSATs have been built on a foundation of opening standard DVB technology, including a DVB-S or DVB-S2 forward link and DVB-RCS return link. A Star Nova S2 terminal can operate in either of two over-the-air downloadable software personalities. The DVB-RCS software enables interoperability with other manufacturers. The standard Star Nova e-ATM software includes additional advanced features not included in the DVB- RCS standard.

The Star Nova S2 DVB-S2 system compliant technology includes advanced LDPC (Low Density Parity Check) coding for ultra-low Eb/No performance near Shannon’s theoretical limit along with 8PSK coding for bandwidth reductions up to 30% below traditional values. It offers satellite link speeds up to 81Mbps on the outbound channel and up to 4.2 Mbps on the inbound channels to the hub. With this high inbound channel capacity, remote sites can be server locations, content providers, multimedia sources, video teleconferencing participants, and corporate headquarters.

  • Low cost, fully interactive satellite IP terminal
  • Broadband satellite return channel
  • MF-TDMA return channel with bandwidth on demand
  • TCP acceleration providing 10 Mbps throughput
  • Broadband DVB-MPE outbound channel to 60 Mbps
  • QPSK or 8PSK outbound modulation from hub
  • Supports TCP/IP, UDP/IP, RIP/IGMP. And QOS
  • Value Added Services

Historically Anka Enerji networks have differed from other satellite broadband networks in providing to the customer many value added features to their base connection.

These include:

  • Packet shaping and traffic profiling
  • Enterprise caching system storing and delivering content direct from the teleport hub
  • Content Filtering (where required)
  • Intrusion detection reports to facilitate site managers to identify viruses and spyware.
  • Totally transparent volume reports placed on our web site
  • The ability to purchase extra monthly volumes of data without stepping up to the next subscription package
  • 24/7 support ticketing system
  • Site 7 day usage reports if required
  • Web located knowledge base to help in installation and troubleshooting
  • Large support centre with over 8 years experience of supporting VSAT customers
  • Tried and tested SIP VOIP solutions with online account checking
  • NEW!!!!
  • On the Star Nova S2 system we will also provide web based reports where customers can enter their site code and review up to 20 reports on usage , traffic rates , connection etc.
Upgrades and Swap Outs

As stated above S2 technology will redefine the satellite broadband market.
We would like to invite you to join the S2 revolution.
By simply swapping out your modem you can start to reap the benefits of faster downloads, higher throughput and improved performance.
Anka Enerji and it’s agents have fantastic deals on swap outs and upgrades please contact Anka Enerji or your local agent for details.

If you have any friends on other networks or someone who is considering buying a broadband VSAT them please inform them of this new service’

Abuse Policy

The term "unlimited" applies to data volume per month (Anka Enerji will not charge for date volume) however data transfer speeds can be adjusted by the Anka Enerji Fair Access mechanism. Details of Anka Enerji Fair Access quotas and penalty speeds are available here. Without prejudice to the foregoing, Anka Enerji consider that any application that overloads the Star Nova S2 ™ Network by whatever means will be considered as making profligate use of the Star Nova S2™ Network and is as such NOT allowed. The user may not circumvent user authentication or security of any host, network, or account (referred to as "cracking" or "hacking"), nor interfere with service to any user, host, or network (referred to as "denial of service attacks") provided by, or on behalf of Anka Enerji.