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StarCom iDirect Satallite Internet System

Hardware Costs*

Star Com Broadband - AM-22 - extended Ku-band BUC (Transmit)
Complete system + 1.2m dish - $2,650.00
Complete system + 1.8m dish - $3,650.00

Star Com Broadband - W6 - Standart BUC (Transmit)
Complete system + 1.2m dish - $2,350.00
Complete system + 1.8m dish - $3,350.00

*Prices include dish, Azel mount, arms, head unit, Star Com modem.

Prices do not include FOB UK, shipping, installation, local support, permits, taxes, and duties.

Star Com Broadband
As part of the iNFINITI series, the iDirect series 3000 Satellite Router provides an economical entry point into satellite networking and is an ideal solution for small to medium enterprise customers with basic remote networking needs. Able to deliver broadband access of up to 18 Mbps downstream, and 4.2 Mbps upstream, the 3000 series can support all your IP applications remotely, including VoIP and basic Video. iDirect’s series 3000 Remote Satellite Router is a “single box” solution that includes a satellite modem, IP router, TCP acceleration over satellite, and QoS/prioritisation in an easy to deploy, reliable design.

For Enterprise Customers
The ability to deliver broadband access to all your facilities is a critical component in your organization’s productivity and efficiency. At Star Com Star Com iDirect Technologies, however, we understand that unless your remote access can also support all of your organizations business critical applications, it’s only doing half the job. That’s why Star Com Star Com iDirect’s remote technology provides the networking power you need to support all your user applications, and meet any communications challenge via satellite. The modem was developed to include all the functionality customers need:

Broadband Access
Star Com Star Com iDirect Technologies supports the highest TCP/IP throughputs in the industry, with speeds up to 18 Mbps downstream and 4.2 Mbps upstream. And, since Star Com Star Com iDirect supported networks can be configured in 1Kbps increments, users can get exactly the bandwidth they need in the most cost effective manner.

Application Support
Deploy any HTTP application, and simultaneously support data, voice and video to multiple locations while guaranteeing the delivery quality. Remote locations will have the same capabilities as offices on landline broadband networks.

Centralized NMS System
Manage all your remote units from a central location. The Star Com iDirect Network Management System (NMS) provides all essential monitor and control operations from a centrally located Network Operations Center (NOC).

Increased Bandwidth Efficiency
Support more applications and carry more traffic over your available bandwidth. Our Deterministic TDMA network architecture (D-TDMA) algorithm allocates bandwidth among multiple remote sites, based on criteria such as the queued depth at each remote site, the CIR (Committed Information Rate) configuration, Quality of Service (QOS) and prioritisation requirements.

Support Real Time Applications
Deploy applications like voice and video with the most flexible and granular Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities in the industry. You can automatically identify, classify and prioritise data traffic across the network to provide flexible service and application options to customers.

Capacity Optimisation
With 1.2 Carrier Spacing we deliver 14% savings in bandwidth, through more efficient use of your transponder capacity. In addition, by using a native IP solution you save 10-50% capacity compared with inefficient MPEG Encapsulation.

Remote locations no longer need to sacrifice functionality for security. The Star Com iDirect solution enables the deployment of government or corporate approved VPN solutions over satellite networks without loss of either TCP performance or support for real-time applications such as VoIP and streaming video.

Star Com Business Package
Package        Download Upload Download /mth Upload /mth
Office 500        512Kb/s  128kb/s Unlimited* Unlimited*
Office 500+      512kb/s  256kb/s Unlimited* Unlimited*
Office 500Pre   512kb/s 512kb/s Unlimited* Unlimited*
Office 1000      1024kb/s 128kb/s Unlimited* Unlimited*
Office 1000+    1024kb/s 256kb/s  Unlimited* Unlimited*
Office 1000Pre 1024kb/s  512kb/s Unlimited* Unlimited*
Office 2000      2048kb/s  128kb/s Unlimited* Unlimited*
Office 2000+    2048kb/s  256kb/s Unlimited* Unlimited*
Office 2000Pre 2048kb/s  512kb/s Unlimited* Unlimited*

Prices vary depending on location, local taxes, permits, duties etc. and the level of service required. For more information please contact us and our local Agent will happy to discuss your particular requirements.

* Subject to abuse policy.

The term "unlimited" applies to data volume per month (Anka Enerji will not charge for date volume) however data transfer speeds can be adjusted by the Anka Enerji Fair Access mechanism. Details of Anka Enerji Fair Access quotas and penalty speeds are available here. Without prejudice to the foregoing, Anka Enerji consider that any application that overloads the StarCom™ Network by whatever means will be considered as making profligate use of the StarCom™ Network and is as such NOT allowed. The user may not circumvent user authentication or security of any host, network, or account (referred to as "cracking" or "hacking"), nor interfere with service to any user, host, or network (referred to as "denial of service attacks") provided by, or on behalf of Anka Enerji.