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Hughes HX50 Broadband

Hughes HX50 Broadband - W3A Prices

Hardware Costs*
Complete system + 1.2m dish $1,850
Complete system + 1.8m Dish $2,850

*Prices include dish, Azel mount, arms, head unit, Star Pro modem.

Prices do not include FOB UK, shipping, installation, local support, permits, taxes, and duties.

The HX50 is a high-performance satellite router designed to support high-bandwidth links with Quality of Service (QoS) features such as Min/Max CIR together with dynamic allocation of bandwidth. With integrated IP features including NAT/PAT, DHCP, RIPV1, RIPV2, and DNS server/relay functionality, together with TCP acceleration and a high-performance satellite modem, the HX50 is the ideal platform to enable high-performance IP connectivity for a variety of applications including cellular backhaul, MPLS extension services, virtual leased-line services, and other high-bandwidth solutions.


Hughes HX Features


  • DVB-S2 with Adaptive Coding Modulation, providing up to 50% more   throughput than DVB-S and 20% more than standard DVB-S2
  • Two 10/100BaseT Ethernet LAN RJ45 ports
  • Adaptive Inroute Selection – AIS – enables highest efficiency transport   at best quality
  • Service profiles available include Dynamic Streaming, CBR, Adaptive CBR   and CIR with Best Effort
  • DNS Caching
  • DNS Caching
  • DNS Caching
  • DHCP server or relay
  • Full RIPV2 routing support
  • VLAN Tagging
  • Firewall support through integrated access control lists
  • Bi-directional data compression
  • User-friendly LED display indicating terminal operational status
  • Router available as rack-mountable model (pictured right)